At Alter’d Core, we provide one-of-a-kind fitness classes. Our top-notch certified Lagree instructors will guide you through an intense workout program in a small group setting (maximum 12 people). We provide excellent instruction blended with hands-on attention, ensuring that you are in proper form and getting the most out of your class. Regardless of your fitness level, whether you are a beginner or a novice athlete, your body will be pushed to its limits. We will focus on ALTERING the way you train and ALTERING your physique in the process. This method is designed to strengthen, lengthen, and tone the body quickly and safely.


The Megaformer machine works on spring-based tension with adjustable resistance. This allows the muscles to stay in constant tension during slow and controlled movements with zero rest. These movements will focus on activating the slow twitch muscle fibers, creating long lean muscles. The patented Megaformer – combined with the innovative Lagree Fitness Method – creates an intense yet low impact workout while protecting your joints and increasing postural alignment. Visit the Lagree Fitness website to learn more.

Discover the benefits of LFM and its integrated exercise sessions with our new client special. Contact the Alter’d Core team now to find out more!