Core exercises are an important part of a well-rounded fitness routine, but there is also an argument that core exercises should actually be your priority at the gym. Strengthening your core isn’t just about working toward a six pack — that central muscle group is essential to your fitness and an overall healthy life. That’s one of the reasons why Alter’d Core makes core-strengthening exercises a central part of our innovative strength training classes. Read on to learn more about why core strength is so important and sign up for an Alter’d Core class today to start experiencing the benefits for yourself!

Improves Balance

Your “core” includes more than just what we think of as six-pack abs. In addition to the muscles in your abdomen, core-strengthening exercises also tap into muscles in your pelvis and back. These major muscle groups are essential to stabilizing our bodies from head to toe, and a strong core can help you play sports as well as navigate across the deck of a rocking boat.

Supports Good Posture

The muscles that make up your core are the base support system for your entire body. They connect your upper and lower halves and support your spine and pelvis, helping you achieve better posture whether you’re standing or sitting down. A strong core and good posture can relieve pressure on your spine, prevent back pain, and allow you to breathe more deeply.

Makes Everyday Life Easier

It may not feel like – until you’re feeling sore the day after a tough Alter’d Core workout – but you use your core in many everyday activities. From getting out of bed to bending over to tie your shoes or reaching for something on a high shelf, your core muscles are essential to all kinds of ordinary motions. With a good, consistent core workout, you may find that everything from navigating your kitchen to navigating a basketball court becomes easier.

Reduces Pain

Do you experience back pain? It’s a widespread complaint among Americans, and it can be debilitating. A stronger core may help you find relief. A weak or unengaged core forces other muscles to compensate, adding undue strain to places like your lower back, which leads to lingering pain. Taking the pressure off of those other muscle groups can help ease your symptoms, which is why core-strengthening exercises are often a central focus of the physical therapy prescribed alongside medication.

Supports Overall Fitness

If you are committed to living a healthier life and achieving your fitness goals, then a core workout should be first on your list. Because your core is such an essential muscle group, you will need to build strength there before you’ll be able to make effective gains in other areas. As we mentioned, a weak core can also cause you to compensate with other muscle groups, which can lead to incorrect form when lifting weights or performing other exercises. In turn, incorrect form can prevent you from getting all the benefits you want from those exercises, or worse.

Prevents Injury

A weak core can leave you vulnerable to injury. As we discussed earlier in this article, an unengaged core forces other muscles to compensate, which leads to poor posture, back pain, and muscle injuries. Stay safe and healthy by making core-strengthening exercises central to your fitness routine!

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