If you are looking to join a Hudson gym that will help you achieve real results, then you can stop searching. Alter’d Core offers one-of-a-kind fitness classes that utilize the Lagree Fitness Method to give you a high-intensity, low-impact, full-body workout. Make the most of your workouts with fitness tips you can use at home. Here on our blog, we’ll talk about not only the benefits of exercise, but also how you can hone your workout routine to be better and smarter. Follow along for great advice and call Alter’d Core today to sign up for your next Megaformer class!

  1. How to Make Better New Year’s Resolutions

    It’s that time of year again: if you haven’t been to the gym in a while, you’re probably preparing to convince yourself to go in January in pursuit of your New Year’s resolution to get fit, lose weight, or be more active. Here at Alter’d Core, we welcome new members of all experience level…Read More

  2. The Importance of Core Strength

    Core exercises are an important part of a well-rounded fitness routine, but there is also an argument that core exercises should actually be your priority at the gym. Strengthening your core isn’t just about working toward a six pack — that central muscle group is essential to your fitness and a…Read More

  3. Three Tips to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

    Every year, millions of people make promises to get stronger, lose weight, and get in shape, and mere months later, many of those same people give up on those goals. Don’t be one of those people. Getting in shape is a challenge, but with the right mindset and the right guidance, you can achieve yo…Read More

  4. Workout Recovery Tips: Hot vs Cold Therapy, Part 2

    When you are working hard toward a goal, sometimes you can lose sight of other things that are important, like taking care of your body and taking the time to rest. Recovery should be an essential part of your workout routine. It’s easy to get caught up in lifting more, running further, or getting…Read More

  5. Workout Recovery Tips: Hot vs Cold Therapy, Part 1

    We all have fitness goals, and we all know that you have to work hard to reach them. However, your journey to get strong or lose weight doesn’t end when class does. Recovery is a key part of making progress — after all, getting benched by an injury is certainly not going to help you get better. …Read More

  6. How A Fitness Center Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

    If you have never visited a fitness center before, then you may be hesitant about signing up for instructed fitness classes near you. Whatever your reasoning may be, whether high costs or fear of being out of shape, we’re here to tell you that these feelings are perfectly normal. But, just like an…Read More