In a country plagued by obesity, it’s no wonder that weight loss is a goal many of us are striving to achieve. Alter’d Core is dedicated to helping you reach and surpass your goals, whatever they may be, with innovative fitness classes and great advice. All of our certified personal trainers are ready to help you utilize the Lagree Fitness Method and our Megaformer machines to burn calories, build strength, and shed those pounds, and you can find more motivation and tips to continue your progress here on our blog. Start your journey today by choosing a method that works — sign up for an Alter’d Core class now!

  1. Weight Loss Tips for the New Year

    Many people enter the New Year with the goal of losing weight. Here at Alter’d Core in Hudson, our mission is to help you reach your goals. So in today’s blog, we’ve got six evidence-based weight loss tips to help you start January off right. Read on to learn more, and explore our site to sign…Read More